The Crucial Role of Licensed Immigration Advisers for NZ’s Accredited Employers

Licensed immigration advisers play a crucial role in guiding NZ's accredited employers through the intricacies of immigration laws.
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Last Updated On July 18, 2023
Contributors: Denise Renshaw. Edited By Inder Singh & Reviewed by Simar Singh.

New Zealand, known for its diverse culture and thriving economy, attracts numerous skilled professionals from around the globe. To streamline this process, the New Zealand government has implemented an accredited employer scheme. However, navigating the complexities of immigration law can be challenging for these employers. This is where licensed immigration advisers come into play.

Understanding the Accredited Employer Scheme

The accredited employer scheme in New Zealand is designed to facilitate the hiring of overseas talent. Employers who gain accreditation are permitted to recruit foreign workers without proving that no New Zealander can fill the role. However, the process of accreditation and subsequent hiring involves a deep understanding of immigration laws and procedures.

The Need for Licensed Immigration Advisers

  • Expert Guidance: Licensed immigration advisers are professionals who have been authorized by the New Zealand government to provide advice on immigration matters. They have a comprehensive understanding of immigration laws and can guide accredited employers through the intricate process of hiring overseas talent.
  • Compliance With Immigration Laws: Immigration laws are complex and constantly evolving. Licensed immigration advisers stay updated with these changes and ensure that employers remain compliant, thereby minimizing the risk of legal complications.
  • Efficient Recruitment Process: Licensed immigration advisers can streamline the recruitment process by handling paperwork, liaising with immigration authorities, and providing timely advice. This efficiency can save accredited employers valuable time and resources.

The Benefits of Hiring a Licensed Immigration Adviser

  • Reduced Risk of Errors: Immigration advisers are trained to handle immigration paperwork accurately. Their expertise reduces the risk of errors that could lead to delays or rejections.
  • Improved Employee Experience: By ensuring a smooth immigration process, advisers can help improve the overall experience for incoming employees. This positive experience can contribute to employee satisfaction and retention.
  • Strategic Planning: Advisers can also assist with strategic planning, helping employers to understand how immigration trends might impact their business and workforce planning.


In the global race for talent, New Zealand's accredited employers are in a unique position to attract skilled professionals from around the world. Licensed immigration advisers play a crucial role in this process, providing expert guidance, ensuring compliance, and contributing to a positive employee experience. By leveraging the services of these professionals, accredited employers can navigate the complexities of immigration law and focus on what they do best - running their successful businesses.