Exploring the Talent Shortage: Industries in New Zealand Seeking International Workers

Explore New Zealand's talent shortage and find out which industries are actively looking for international workers.
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Last Updated On June 26, 2023
Contributors: Denise Renshaw. Edited By Inder Singh & Reviewed by Yongtian Liu.

New Zealand, a country renowned for its stunning natural landscapes and hospitable population, is currently battling a talent shortage. According to recent reports, the country is in dire need of skilled professionals to cater to the demands of its ever-growing economy. As a result, the government has implemented several initiatives to attract international workers to fill the gap in various sectors.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the industries in New Zealand that are seeking international workers and the opportunities available for those in search of change.


The healthcare industry in New Zealand is facing a massive skills shortage, with a need for nurses and doctors in several regions of the country. The government is working closely with healthcare providers to encourage international workers to apply. Skilled professionals who want to work as registered nurses in New Zealand can look into courses offered by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). Moreover, the country also offers a pathway for overseas doctors to practice in New Zealand under the Medical Council of New Zealand.


New Zealand is experiencing a construction boom, which also means high demand for skilled professionals such as plumbers, electricians, and carpenters. According to figures from the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment, the country will need over 50,000 additional construction workers by 2022. The government has also increased its investment in infrastructure projects, creating more opportunities for people with trade skills to secure employment.

Information Technology

The technology sector in New Zealand is booming, with significant developments in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Machine Learning. The country is a hub for tech startups, and the government is actively encouraging businesses in this area to expand further. Several prominent tech names such as Xero, Weta Digital, and Fisher & Paykel Healthcare have set up operations in New Zealand, paving the way for international talent to be part of their teams.


New Zealand's tourism industry significantly contributes to its economy, with over 3.8 million visitors arriving in the country annually. The industry needs skilled professionals to ensure that visitors have a great experience while in New Zealand. Job opportunities in this industry include tour guides, food and beverage staff, event managers, and hospitality professionals. International workers with relevant experience and qualifications can find great opportunities in this sector.


The agriculture sector in New Zealand has always been a significant contributor to its economy. The country is famous for its dairy, meat, and wool products, and the demand for these is continuously on the rise. Skilled professionals in this area such as farm managers, veterinarians, and biochemists have a high chance of securing employment in the industry. Furthermore, the country is known for its research and development in agriculture, making it an exciting place for professionals looking to make a positive impact.


In conclusion, New Zealand faces a talent shortage, but it also presents a unique opportunity for skilled professionals seeking employment. The government's proactive approach to attracting international workers, coupled with the country's great lifestyle, creates an attractive proposition for people looking to kickstart their careers or change course. Finally, the sectors mentioned above are not exhaustive, and the country has much more to offer to anyone willing to take the plunge and make New Zealand their new home.